(mōk’sē): n. Courage and determination


(krēd): n.: A set of guiding beliefs

Welcome to Moxie Creed.

A Moxie Creed we believe the products we choose for ourselves should provide only benefits.  They should support our needs, make us feel good for choosing them and reward us with fulfilling their promise. To do this, we choose ingredients so advanced, they could only be achieved by nature, skincare beyond chemistry.

Welcome to Moxie Creed, a company founded on the belief that we all want to make the best choices for ourselves yet we are likely not up on all the actual research available to make the most educated decision.

Moxie Creed emerged out of my decades of extensive research on how individual food ingredients affect the body. My understanding was compounded by the years of doctoral research on the level of influence that marketing had on the success of the more toxic editions of processed food, while clean, natural food products were losing ground.

It occurred to me that the ingredients in our skin care, hair care, body care, make up and perfume had the same dynamic as eating. The skin is an organ of the body, the largest in fact and requires nutrients from food to be healthy. Everything that stays on the skin will be absorbed into the blood stream, so just like eating healthy vs. toxic foods, using clean versus toxic-laden skin care will have similar parallels for the long-term effects. Be it long-term chemical build-up that can cause cancers and cell damage or nutrient build-up that regenerates cells, heals and creates a youthful glow.

In my decades of food politics research, I also became very aware the FDA does not have the capacity to regulate. Skincare falls within the purview of the FDA therefore skincare products containing known carcinogens remain on the market. Many products claiming to be natural are clearly not. Many claiming to be chemical-free have simply and boldly (read: illegally and irresponsibly) not included the chemicals on their ingredient lists. Many use terms like *complex, *solution or *blend as covers for not saying what it really is to avoid disclosing ingredients they don’t want you to know about. Many on the market have not been FDA approved for sale, having to pass significant microbiological testing for safety.

For me, this awareness created significant distrust in what companies in this industry claim about their products- so I created one. Moxie Creed is based on the understanding that nature created the perfect editions of what our bodies need to remain healthy, free of disease and to heal you, if needed. We pride ourselves on integrity and authenticity, furthering our personal well-being with Nature at its finest.

I’m Julie Koester, a Ph.D. candidate in Public Health, veteran vegan, provoked food politics junkie, budding documentary filmmaker, passionate researcher, nutrition renegade, purist gourmand, fervent motivational speaker, insatiable traveler, dinner party master, zealous writer, wannabe lobbyist, junk food foe, maverick single parent, only child, hopeless romantic, spiritual gangster slavishly devoted to saving the world by harnessing nature at its finest.